Home Depot’s History

If you have ever had to do any DIY projects around your home then you’re probably familiar with Home Depot. As of today Home Depot is the largest home-improvement retailer in the U.S. There are currently 2,285 Home Depot stores serving customers across the country with a wide array of products on offer from power tools to construction supplies to light bulbs. With such a large selection of quality products and impeccable customer service Home Depot quickly became my go-to home improvement store for any type of project I may have around the house.

One might think that there was only one Home Depot founder. Interestingly, that would be incorrect. The company was founded by Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus after they both had been fired from Handy Dan Home Improvement Centers. The two gentlemen has an idea for a company and sure enough Home Depot started serving customers on June 22, 1979 at two locations in Atlanta, GA. Home Depot’s beginnings showed promise from the start and within two years Home Depot became a publicly traded company on NASDAQ.


Since 1979 Home Depot has gone on to become the ‘giant’ of the home improvement marketplace. This is arguably quite impressive since the list of Home Depot competitors has grown massively since 1979. Today, Home Depot is competing against companies like Lowes, Walmart, Target, and even Amazon. That being said Home Depot continues to stand out with its unparalleled customer service and GREAT savings.


How to Save Money at Home Depot

Customers certainly have it good when shopping at Home Depot. Not only is there a limitless amount of power tools, gardening supplies, and paints but also a seemingly limitless amount of coupons and discounts. There truly are tons of ways to save money at Home Depot. For example, to get Home Depot coupons or a Home Depot discount customers can apply for Home Depot’s Pro Xtra membership for free, check Home Depot’s ongoing store-wide sales, or apply for rebates on the Home Depot rebate page. Either way. there are a lot of options at customers’ fingertips. In an effort to simplify things a little bit, we are going to talk about some of the best Home Depot deals to take advantage of.


Home Depot’s Pro Xtra Program

An amazing way to save at Home Depot is through their Pro Xtra program. Best of all, signing up is completely free and shoppers can instantly see the wide range of exclusive Home Depot membership discounts on TONS of products throughout the store. For example, right now members can save up to 20% on paints, stains, and primers. If exclusive discounts isn’t enough to pique your interest then perhaps the Home Depot membership services will. These services include reserved parking and checkout/order loading just to name a couple. The Pro Xtra program is definitely something I would consider signing up for if you’re looking for savings and service perks.


Special Buy of the Day

Perhaps you’re still working out the details on that big remodeling project or are looking to build up your tool arsenal. The Home Depot Special Buy of the Day page is a great a place to look for limited-time deals on select items around the Home Depot store. These Home Depot daily deals are entirely random and only last for that particular day. Here is today’s deal currently on offer; shoppers can save up to 45% off of select DeWalt power tools


Featured Savings

Much like the Special Buy of the Day, the Home Depot Featured Savings page is another limited-time deal that can be offered on certain products. Shoppers can find deals like Home Depot appliance savings on the featured deals page. The Home Depot featured products change regularly so keep an eye out for that perfect deal.


Home Depot New Lower Price & Special Buy

Customers looking for more deals on a wider range of products should utilize the Home Depot new lower price & special buy pages. But what is the difference between the two? Home Depot new lower price deals are products that have been further marked down in price when they have already been placed on sale. This is a great way to find deep discounts on higher price tag items like power tools, appliances, and bathroom fixtures.

The Home Depot special buy page offers discounts on selected products that the store is currently promoting to customers at the time. Shopping on this page is another way to snag refrigerators, washing machines, and other big ticket items at a discount.


Bulk Price Savings & Overstock

Although a bit more one off in terms of options, shoppers should also consider utilizing Home Depot overstock savings. The items one can find on the overstock page will vary greatly in price and product type. Check out the overstock savings page to find deals on items like doors and rugs.

For contractors or home renovators looking for larger quantities of materials for their projects Home Depot bulk pricing is a great place to look. Home Depot bulk pricing can vary depending on the items itself but in general this is a great way to save money on larger projects. Bulk savings are offered on materials like insulation, concrete, wiring, and etc.


Home Depot Military Discounts & Holiday Season

Veterans will be happy to find that there indeed is a Home Depot veterans discount. Customers can take advantage of the Home Depot military discount to earn an additional 10% off of regularly priced items at Home Depot. Receiving a veterans discount is easy — just provide a valid military I.D. during checkout.

Non-military customers will also be thrilled to know that Home Depot frequently offers AMAZING discounts during the holiday season. This is one of the best times to get deeply marked down items. In 2019 shoppers could purchase discounted Christmas items across the store with Home Depot Christmas deals for example. Generally speaking, Home Depot holiday deals are what you really want to look for. They are offered every year and are the most popular time to shop at Home Depot. These deals are not only limited to the holiday season — Home Depot labor day deals are also a thing.


Home Depot Price Match

One of my favorite things about shopping at Home Depot is the Home Depot price match guarantee. If customers find the same product for sale at a cheaper price at a local store instead of Home Depot then Home Depot will match that store’s price and reduce it another 10%. You should definitely use Home Depot price adjustments whenever applicable. It takes only a few minutes of research online and you could possibly save a little extra money.



In this article we talked about Home Depot, America’s largest home improvement retailer. Since 1979 Home Depot has offered high-quality products to customers with fantastic customer service to boot. There are also a million ways to save money when shopping at Home Depot through their Pro Xtra program and deals pages. So, if you’re about to embark on that home improvement project I highly recommend you check out Home Depot and utilize the tips in this article.

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