Sears is one of the best known department stores in the United States, and for good reason. They offer a wide range of products at some of the best prices, including Kenmore, their own appliance brand. Sears has a long history of bringing its unique products to consumers across the country, first by catalog, then through their retail stores, and now online and through their app. However you choose to shop at Sears, you can be sure that they want you to find the best deals and coupons for all of your purchases.

Sears History – From 1893 Until Today

Sears has been a household name since its founding in 1893, when it sent its catalogs to people across the country. Back then you could order anything from canned food to kits to build an entire house! Throughout its nearly 130 years in business, Sears has gone from a catalog-only retailer to a true leader in the department store game. Today Sears stocks everything from tools to appliances to affordable clothing, online and through its brick-and-mortar stores. There are more than 540 stores nationwide, including regular Sears stores and Hometown stores in smaller cities and towns.

Finding Sears Coupons Online

Sears offers its shoppers everyday low prices but also knows that people are always searching for a good deal. You can find select coupons on its website or in the Sears app that apply specifically to online shopping. For example, maybe you’re looking for a certain appliance. Going to the Sears website or app and searching their coupons could give you a deal that’s only available to its online customers. You can also get coupons tailored specifically to you when you join the Sears reward program!

Another way to save money by shopping online is Sears’ attention to deals. In every category of product you visit on their website – for example, “Appliances” or “Baby” – there is a page of all the deals in that particular category. Hovering your mouse over the product category will bring up a link for deals. Simply click on it and be taken to a page with the best deals Sears has to offer, no coupon required.

Shopping online can help save you time and money, so be sure to check out their products on their website or app. Sears wants to introduce you to their wide range of products and to help you save money.

Join the Sears Rewards Program

To help you save on everything you purchase, Sears has an excellent rewards program, Sears Shop Your Way. As a Shop Your Way member, you can get special coupons geared right to your tastes and what you buy. You can also get member exclusive deals not available to anyone else. Even better, you’ll receive 1% cash back in points on everything you purchase from Sears. You can also earn bonus points on special offers.

You can also earn Shop Your Way points at stores other than Sears, including Burger King, Starbucks, Ulta, even Hilton and Uber. Throughout the year, Sears rewards its loyal members with extra bonus points. To earn points while you shop in store, be sure to give your phone number or membership number to the cashier. While shopping online, just log into your account before you check out, and you will automatically receive your cashback points.

If you’re looking for even more savings, you can join Shop Your Way MAX, which offers even better discounts and rewards. MAX members get free two-day shipping on items sold by Sears and Kmart and free standard shipping on online Sears Marketplace items. Additionally, MAX members receive 5% cashback in points on all purchases that are made online and picked up in store. You’ll also get even more exclusive offers on cashback points in departments such as shoes, jewelry, and electronics.

Sears Credit Cards Offer Even More Savings

Like other department stores, Sears offers a credit card where you can earn even more cashback points on purchases. With the Sears Mastercard, however, you can also earn points when you shop at other retailers. For example, when you use your Shop Your Way card at gas stations, you can earn 5% back, and 3% at grocery stores and restaurants. You’ll earn 2% back in points at Sears and Kmart and 1% everywhere else you shop.

Sears wants to make their credit card worth your while, so they offer special financing on home appliance purchases of $499 or more, with either 5% cashback points or 12 months to pay with no interest. Sears also has special deals in multiple departments specifically for their Mastercard customers, where you can apply discounts to things like home appliances, lawn and garden, fitness equipment, and mattresses.

Sears Offers a Military and Veterans Discount

To say thank you to those who have bravely served their country, Sears has a discount for veterans and current military members. If you have a valid military ID, you can get a 20% discount off regular price merchandise and an additional 5% off of sales prices in the tools and hardware department and the lawn and garden department. You can also get 7% off all automotive services and products.

Even better, the loyalty reward program, Shop Your Way MAX, is free for six months and you get a whopping 10% back in points for every purchase.

Sears Free Shipping

One of the great things about Sears shopping being available both in-store and online is that you can shop in whatever way is most convenient for you. And that also applies to receiving your items. Sears offers free shipping on items sold by both Sears and Kmart on orders over $35. Don’t want to wait? They also offer free in-store pickup for items purchased online.

If you’re a Shop Your Way member, you can also get pickup in your vehicle! Shop online, and then as soon as your order is ready, Sears will send you an email. Drive over to Sears with a copy of your email, a photo ID, and the credit card you used for your purchase, and then park in one of the special reserved spots. Within five minute or less – guaranteed! – an associate will be out with your item. No more running through the rain or snow to make your purchase. Now you can stay warm and dry in your own car.

How to Contact Sears 

If you need to contact customer service at Sears, the best place to start is the help page on their website. There you can get answers to their most frequently asked questions, and even put in a question of your own to get a response. You can also track your packages and initiate returns right from the website.

But if your question is more complicated, or you want to speak to a real person, you can reach Sears customer support at 800-349-4358. Another option would be to contact your local Sears store to see if someone local can assist you.

If you’d like to speak to a representative about the Sears Shop Your Way program, you can call them directly at 800-991-8708.

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