Dell’s Storied History 

The Dell Computer history is one of technological innovation and rugged entrepreneurism. A young college student at the University of Texas in Austin named Michael Dell became the founder of Dell Computers in 1984. The company was ran out of Dell’s garage and it wasn’t called Dell Computers as we know it today — it was called PC’s Limited in the beginning. Dell founder Michael Dell’s story reads much like the stories of other tech giants that dominate the  tech industry today. Individuals such as Steve Jobs and Bill gates come mind. Unlike IBM or Apple, Dell’s first product wasn’t a completely unique computer system. Instead, Dell originally sold IBM compatible PC’s with stock components. It wasn’t too long before Dell introduced their first ‘product,’ the Turbo PC in 1984. 

In 1987, PC’s Limited officially became Dell Computer Corporation, the name we have all become familiar with today. Much has changed since 1987, Dell is now on the Fortune 500 list and the company’s founder, Michael Dell, has a net worth of over $18 billion. Today, Dell has a wide range of products in both the laptop and personal computer space. Highly renowned products like Alienware (a subsidiary of Dell), Inspiron, and Latitude offer cutting edge computer technology to a variety of customers from gamers to corporate offices.

We all know how expensive a new computer can be as well as accessories. Fortunately, Dell offers TONS of deals on their products that you can easily find on both the Dell website and right here on Comp USA. The next section in this article will give you a few more details on how to get deals on your favorite Dell products. 

Big Discounts With Dell 

Finding big discounts on a variety of Dell products is super easy and straightforward — all one has to do is visit the Dell website. Dell discount codes are often displayed on the Dell website and can be applied to tons of different products. For example, as this article is being written a Dell student discount is being offered where students can get 17% off of select computers and warranty upgrades on the Dell website. 

Discounts aren’t only limited to students however, veterans and active duty can take advantage  of the Dell military discount where you can receive 10% off of PC’s and electronics. All one has to do is mention that they are military whenever they speak with a Dell sales representative. 

Even employees have access to various Dell employee discounts on a range of awesome products offered by Dell. Overall, Dell has you covered with multiple discounts for almost every type of customer. There is of course store-wide semi-annual sales as well that customers should keep an eye out for. 

Finding Deals at Dell 

As we mentioned above, Dell deals can be found in a variety of places across the web. By far one of the best places to look is on the Dell website. To find a deal on the Dell Website simply click on the ‘Deals’ tab to view a dropdown menu of the types of deals currently on offer at Dell Computers. Through this tab you can find Dell laptop deals, Dell desktop deals, and so much more! It is reccomended that you check the Dell website frequently since deals change regularly. 

Regardless, customers should be able to find a deal on something of interest on the Dell website — they have an insane amount of quality products that only use the best technology. It is also worth noting that there are deals for more than just laptops and desktop computers. At Dell there is discounts on software, printers, ink cartridges, and other office equipment. 

Getting Dell Coupons at Comp USA 

In addition to the Dell website, you can also find AMAZING deals right here at Comp USA where we have a range of Dell coupon codes on a host of products — we even have Dell outlet coupons! Just to give an example, customers can find discount codes on laptops like the Inspiron 14 5000 2-in-1 for close to 50% off. That’s the kind of deal that is just too good to pass up. 

On Comp USA Dell promo codes change regularly so it is reccomended that you check out our website frequently to see what deals are available at the moment. You can expect deals on more than just laptops at Comp USA — we offer discounts on quite a few Dell products from printers to mice to keyboards. 

Dell Shipping and Returns Policy 

One area where Dell excels is with their shipping and returns policies. Dell free shipping is included with all orders regardless of the dollar amount spent — there is no need to go hunting for a Dell free shipping coupon or anything of that nature. Simply choose Dell standard delivery during the checkout process and you’re all set. There are two other shipping options on offer through Dell — Dell expedited shipping and express. Dell expedited delivery is only free for Dell rewards members whilst express shipping is an additional cost regardless of membership. 

Returning a Dell computer is also just as easy with Dell’s return policy. Applicable products can returned within 30 days of purchase with Dell customer service approval. In addition, Dell warranty return will vary depending on the hardware but it is included with authorized Dell products with exception of software. So, sending back a defective item shouldn’t be too much of an issue. 

Wrapping Up 

In this article we briefly discussed Dell’s unique, storied history and explored the different products on offer at Dell. Luckily, amazing discounts can be found for your favorite Dell products on both the Dell website and right here at Comp USA. So, if you’re in need of a new desktop computer, laptop, printer, software, and etc. then Dell is definitely a place I would check out. 

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