HP’s History 

HP’s history is one of innovation and creative genius. You would think that HP was founded not too long ago when the tech boom truly began. When was HP founded? The company was actually founded in 1939 in a garage by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. The Hewlett Packard founders would go on to build a multibillion dollar business that would be on the cutting edge of computer development and manufacturing. Today, HP laptops and HP printers are renowned for their quality components and intuitive use of technology itself. 

On shelves today one can find products like the HP Pavillion, HP Spectre X30, and HP Envy. Needless to say, HP has built a diverse and charismatic set of products. Since the early days of the tech boom HP has dedicated itself to evolving and improving every aspect of the personal computer. Today, the company faces a handful of major competitors, the most notable being Apple with its closed software systems and sleek product design. That being said, HP has always had a knack for generating interest for its products within the PC community at large and has never failed to impress both gamers and IT departments at large corporations. Of course HP has also left an indelible mark on the tech industry with its diverse line of printers and other office accessories. 

Now that we have covered the history of the company let’s talk about some of the best ways to get coupons and save those hard earned dollars when shopping at HP. Luckily, HP isn’t lacking in the deals department — you are guaranteed to find something pretty much. 

Big Savings With HP 

Depending on where you shop, finding solid deals on the product you want can be hit or miss. There is nothing more frustrating than finding a small list of deals on products you aren’t looking for in the first place. Fortunately, finding deals at HP is easy and there are TONS to choose from. You can find an HP coupon code or HP promo code in a number of places on the web including the HP website and right here on Comp USA! Pretty much all types of HP codes like an HP discount code will change frequently. That is why it is reccomended to check the HP website regularly for coupons codes on some of your favorite products like — headsets, printers, laptops, and so much more. 

On top of offering regular coupons and promos to customers, HP also has sale events on major holidays like HP Black Friday where you can score incredible deals on some pretty amazing pieces of hardware. It isn’t a stretch to find laptops, PC’s, monitors, and etc. half price or less during a Black Friday event at HP. Be sure to check on other holidays as well and see if your local Office Depot or electronic store has deals on any HP products. 

Finding Deals at HP 

Finding deals at HP is a pretty straightforward and hassle free process. The main place to find things like HP laptop deals or coupon codes for monitors is on the HP coupon codes page. On this page you can find coupons for a wide range of products like laptops and printers. Getting the coupon codes is easy and doesn’t require any form of a membership. Simply click ‘get coupon code’ and you will be directed to another page with your chosen code.

In addition to the coupon code page, HP will often have a banner at the top of the screen when browsing any page of the website to let the customer know if there is a deal available for any products. For example, customers can get up to 56% off of select products like an HP Color Laser Jet Pro or even an HP Omen Obelisk Desktop. These discounts also include free shipping and returns as well. So overall, there is a pretty good deal to be had when shopping on the HP website.

But, what if the HP website doesn’t have what you are looking for? Is there any other place to find great deals on HP products? Indeed there is, right here at Comp USA. 

Getting HP Coupons at Comp USA 

Getting those coveted HP laptop coupons and HP printer coupons is just as easy with Comp USA. Simply go to the Comp USA HP coupon page  and find awesome HP computer coupons as well as HP ink and HP toner coupons. Comp USA offers coupons on a wide range of HP products besides laptops and personal computers. On our website you can find coupon codes for something as simple as a mouse or keyboard. Are you a student? If so, also check for any limited-time student discounts on certain HP products which is great if you are getting ready for another semester. 

Either way Comp USA should be at the top of your list when looking for great deals on HP products!

HP Shipping & Returns Policy 

In addition to being generous with discounts on their products, HP also has customers covered when it comes to shipping and returns. Although shipping isn’t free with HP, the rate is instead calculated based on the product’s weight, chosen delivery time, and destination. However, there are ways to get free shipping on your orders with HP — just keep an eye out for a deal on the HP website or a coupon code online. 

Returning your products is equally as easy with HP. Any applicable product purchased from HP directly with proof of purchase may be returned within 30 days for a full refund. If you missed the return window by chance, you  can also contact HP customer support to see about extending the return window.


HP is the one stop shop for all of your computer and office accessories. From laser jet printers to top of the line gaming PCs, HP continues to deliver with its consistently amazing products. It is true that some of these products command a high price tag. But, one can find deals on a lot of these products on both the HP website and right here at Comp USA. Just take a look around — who knows what you’ll find!

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