What Is Game Nerdz?

Game Nerdz is an online and physical retailer that sells board games like Monopoly, Chess, Yahtzee, and the game of Life. In addition, Game Nerdz also sells popular card games such as Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! to customers looking for something besides board games. If board game and cards aren’t your thing then you should also check Game Nerdz’ wide selection of miniatures and figurines from your favorite TV shows, comic books, and video games. Founded in 2005, the official Game Nerdz store location is in Plano, TX.

Suffice it to say that the game selection at Game Nerdz is certainly robust — there is definitely something for everyone here. But, what about finding deals on your favorite games? Is that possible with Game Nerdz. Indeed it is. In the next section we will begin discussing the best ways to find great deals through the Game Nerdz website. Fortunately, the deals on offer at Game Nerdz are just as diverse as their inventory.


Finding Deals on the Game Nerdz Website

The Game Nerdz’ website is relatively easy to use and can be navigated without too much looking around. This applies particularily to the deals tab where customers can find four different types of deals on offer at Game Nerdz — Deal of the Day, On Sale, Ding & Dent, and Clearance. Each deal page has clearly labelled categories at the top so customers can filter the types of products they are looking for. Thus, one can easily find the best board game deals or deals on any product type for that matter.

In an effort to make finding deals with Game Nerdz easier we are going to break down each of the individual sections under the deals tab on the website. We will begin with the Game Nerdz Deal of the Day.

Game Nerdz Deal of the Day

The Game Nerdz Deal of the Day is exactly what it sounds like — one randomly chosen item at the Game Nerdz store will placed on sale as the deal of the day. Although the options are obviously limited here, the deal of the day is a fantastic way to try a new game one hasn’t played before at a great price. As we all know, board games can get expensive. Especially when additional games are added onto the base game. Legends of Catan comes to mind.

So, if you’re in the market for a new game I highly recommend you take a look at the deal of the day page. Who knows? Maybe that one game you decided to take a chance on becomes a personal favorite!

On Sale & Clearance

Akin to most other retailers these days, Game Nerdz also offers customers regular sales and places items on clearance. Both their ‘On Sale’ and ‘Clearance” tabs are GREAT ways to snag popular games at a discounted price. Finding a board games sale isn’t too much of a stretch at Game Nerdz. Depending on the day you could even possibly find an ouija board on sale at Game Nerdz. I wasn’t lying when I said they carry just about anything when it comes to board games.

Much like the deal of the day, the Game Nerdz sales and clearance pages change regularly. It is advised to check back regularly and see if the price on offer is truly a good one. Generally speaking, the prices at Game Nerdz are quite competitive. For example, Game Nerdz is currently selling Clans of Caledonia on sale for $38.00 while the game usually costs $69.00 at full price. That is over $30 worth of savings which is a great deal. Even when compared to Amazon Game Nerdz manages to deliver. The same game on Amazon retails for $43.00. So, the customers is definitely saving a few bucks when going through Game Nerdz.

Ding & Dent

The Game Nerdz ‘Ding & Dent’ program is another way to save money when buying board games. On this page you will find damaged board games or lightly worn/used items for sale at a great price point. Although these games are technically ‘damaged’, the damage is only surface damage and shouldn’t effect the gaming experience. Items sold under this category at Game Nerdz will have all game pieces included but the box itself might be damaged.

Essentially, we are talking about aesthetics here. Now, for a lot of board game enthusiasts damage on the box itself is a big no-no. If you’re an average joe like me then this sort of thing shouldn’t matter too much. From my point of view, as long as I can play the game without any missing pieces I’m a happy camper.

How do the prices compare? Once again it will depend on the game itself but in general Game Nerdz is offering these games at a cheaper price than their competitors. A brand new out of the box Underwater Cities board game costs roughly $50 on Amazon. In comparison, Game Nerdz is offering the game at $40 under their ‘Ding & Dent’ program. In this case the customer manages to save $10 with the slightly damaged board game. Of course whether or not the $10 is worth it is entirely up to you. I’ll add that if you’re looking to purchase the expansion for the game then that $10 can be applied to that exact purpose. Or your savings could be applied to an entirely new game altogether.

Final Words on Game Nerdz

In this article we took a look at the game retailer Game Nerdz and the deals they currently have on offer to customers. There is a lot of great games on sale at Game Nerdz to be found through their deal of the day, sales & clearance, and ding & dent pages. A huge plus with Game Nerdz is the fact that they don’t just sell board games. Customers could also find card games and miniatures on sale at Gamer Nerdz as well.

Comparitavely, Game Nerdz prices their games cheaper than their biggest competitors like Amazon. One could definitely save money when purchasing through Game Nerdz. There are other benefits as well. Game Nerdz has a strong customer service team to assist with any issues you may have and offers free shipping on orders at $75 or more. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get yourself a deal!

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