The Chipotle Experience

Chipotle was founded on July 13, 1993 in Denver Colorado by Steve Ells. Ells had a vision — offer customers a fast-casual Mexican food experience without skimping on the quality of the ingredients used. All chipotle ingredients are sourced from 100% natural and ethical food sources. The ingredient quality on offer at Chipotle has allowed the chain to stand out from its traditional fast food competitors like Taco Bell, McDonalds, and Burger King. Thus, maintaining the Chipotle food source reputation has become a critical goal for the company.

The Chipotle layout isn’t anything out of the ordinary — a traditional cafeteria assembly line where customers choose their desired toppings and accoutrements to their favorite dishes. Multiple styles of entrees are available at Chipotle ranging from rice/bean bowls to burritos.

Another major plus Chipotle has going for itself is that it caters to practically all dietary preferences. That includes vegetarian and even vegan cuisine! So, there really is something for anybody at Chipotle. Now that we know a little bit more about Chipotle let’s talk about possible ways to save money on your next order!

Getting Deals With Chipotle Rewards

Regardless of whether you at Chipotle on the odd occasion or frequently —the Chipotle rewards program is definitely something to check out. Members of the Chipotle loyalty program receive points every time they make a purchase. For every $1 spent customers get 10 points. When customers get 1250 points they are eligible to receive a free entree at Chipotle. Chipotle points do expire however if the customer’s account is inactive for 6 months. But, Chipotle will email you before the 6 month deadline.

Rewards members also can take advantage of additional Chipotle bonuses like 1.5x points for ordering something different than last time. Another example, Chipotle will advertise and set certain days where customers can earn additional points with their purchase by just eating at the restaurant on that specific day. There are two ways for customers to earn or spend their points: order online or download the Chipotle app and scan whenever you dine in. The app itself is completely free as well as being a rewards member.

If that isn’t good enough of a deal already, a Chipotle free chips and guac coupon is gifted as soon as you sign up for their rewards program!

Chipotle Promotions and Events

For the coupon-oriented folks out there Chipotle might seem a bit limited when it comes to discounts outside of their rewards program. It is true that Chipotle rarely offers coupons to customers or doesn’t really spend much money on advertising them. Chipotle also doesn’t have a dollar/value menu like Wendy’s or McDonalds. To the chagrin of many guacamole enthusiasts guac at Chipotle is extra and the list goes on. One will sometimes hear that Chipotle is expensive and there are cheaper options out there.

But, there actually is another way to save money at Chipotle. In place of coupons Chipotle promotions and events are regularly advertised to customers through the company’s twitter and facebook pages. Also, customers who use the Chipotle app can see these special events and promotions. So, not only does Chipotle guarantee the ingredients are fresh and sourced with care but they also have regular promotions and special events on offer. There definitely is a lot of value here for customers.

An example of a special event is the Chipotle BOGO deal offered to veterans and their families on Veteran’s Day. Another BOGO special was on offer at Chipotle on Labor Day as well! These promotions can be super easy to miss since they are offered only on specific calendar days. That is why it is advised to stay updated and check Chipotle’s social media and new sources regularly to not miss out on an amazing deal!

Limited Discounts at Chipotle

In addition to monthly promotions and calendar events, Chipotle also offers what I call ‘limited discounts’ to customers. The term limited in this sense is being used to describe deals that are offered only to specific customers or menu items at Chipotle. While everyone can take advantage of national burrito or avocado day, Chipotle also has specific deals. For example, students with a valid student ID can receive a Chipotle student discount which includes a free small drink with their entree when they order.  This was a deal I often took advantage off when I was still a student.

Another relatively unknown limited discount is the Chipotle 3 pointer deal. Whenever a customer is rung up at the register a point system is used to determine the price of their meal. Certain food categories are worth more than others — meat and guac are worth 2 points each. To save a little extra money request a three pointer when ordering and at checkout. 3 pointer meals generally come with rice, beans, and cheese. Price wise the 3 pointer deal comes out to be cheaper than a standard burrito.

As we already mentioned above, Chipotle often holds events to honor veterans and offer them a Chipotle military discount on meals for themselves and their families. Currently, Chipotle doesn’t offer a concrete Veteran’s discount that can be redeemed year round. But, in addition to Chipotle Veteran’s Day events they will hold random events that offer deals exclusively to veterans and active duty personnel.

Wrapping Up

In this article we discussed the fast-casual Mexican food chain Chipotle’s unique history and business model within the fast food universe. Chipotle not only prepares your meal efficiency and rapidity but also guarantees the quality of their ingredients by ensuring that only the finest ingredients are sourced from reputable partners. This unlikely combination of 100% natural ingredients and fast food has catapulted Chipotle to the lofty heights of a cultural icon. As great as Chipotle is however, it can also be expensive.

Thus, we went in-depth on the various ways to save money when ordering a meal with Chipotle. Firstly, join the Chipotle rewards program to get points every time you order that can be applied to your next meal for an awesome discount. Signing up for the rewards program is free and instantly rewards you with a free chips and guac! Second, take advantage of special events and promotions being held by your local restaurant. These events can be a fantastic way to save money on some of your favorite menu items. There are a ton of Chipotle deals out there. Third, request that your meal be made a 3 pointer to get a reduced price as low as $5 and be aware of the restaurant’s point system when building a meal. Hopefully, the tips in this article will save you a little money and get free Chipotle.

I think I’ll go get some Chipotle while I’m at it..

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