In order to succeed in today’s fast-paced world, it’s important to stay connected wherever you are, even when you’re at home. If you live in one of CenturyLink’s many markets around the country, they could be the best choice for your telecommunication needs. CenturyLink knows that consumers want reliable service at reasonable prices and offer their potential customers different types of bundles and package deals so you can get the access you want at the best possible price. They even partner with DirectTV to make sure you never miss a moment of entertainment!

What Is CenturyLink?

CenturyLink has been around since 1930, so it understands how to keep its customers happy through its offering of telephone and high-speed internet access to both residential and business customers throughout the country. The first thing you’ll want to do is go to the CenturyLink website and make sure they offer service in your area. By putting in your address, the website will tell you if you live in one of their markets. Once you’re armed with that information, you can start to research how to find the best deals on their products.

The  CenturyLink website is intuitive and easy to use. Once you have verified that CenturyLink serves your community, you can figure out what kind of service is right for you. They divide their website into information for residential and business consumers, so be sure to click on the correct link for the type of service you’re looking for.

Why Choose CenturyLink?

Eager to stay ahead of its competition, CenturyLink has been expanding its fiber access, making sure consumers have the fastest internet connections for both work and play. Gamers can rejoice with speeds of nearly 1,000 mbps and streaming movies has never been faster than with CenturyLink’s high-speed internet. If CenturyLink serves your community, you can rest easy knowing that you will have access to some of the fastest speeds available, so you can say goodbye to lag and annoying buffering when you’re Skyping with grandma or watching Netflix.

It may seem like we don’t need a landline telephone anymore, but there are very good reasons why CenturyLink still offers telephone access to its customers. Imagine that you’re out to dinner and you can’t reach your babysitter’s cell.  Or what if your cell battery runs out and you need to make an important phone call. CenturyLink telephone service makes it possible to stay connected at home, even if you can’t find your cell phone. Signing up for CenturyLink’s home phone service can even help bring down the pricing on your internet service with one of their many money-saving bundles.

Best of all, CenturyLink offers what it calls Price for Life! Once you sign up for their internet service, your price will never change for as long as you remain their customer. No need to worry about how big your monthly bill will get – with Price for Life, you always know how much you’ll be spending.

Bundle Your Service for the Best Deals

CenturyLink can make sure your home has access to the fastest internet possible. But to really make the most of their service, and to find the best possible deals, bundling all of their services together is the way to go. Then you can get their fast internet and home phone together for one monthly fee, bringing down the overall charge. Individually, each service would cost more, but bundling phone and internet together gives you the best of both worlds.

For an even better deal, CenturyLink offers an even more enticing bundle: internet, phone, and DirectTV! Why not streamline your monthly bill paying and get all of your telecommunication and entertainment access through CenturyLink while saving some money at the same time. You can bundle DirectTV with either just phone or just internet service, or you can go for the best package of all, with all three, making sure your home is ready for the ultimate in work and play.

Just be aware that while your internet and phone pricing will stay the same through CenturyLink’s Price for Life feature, your cost for DirectTV will go up after the first year, one of the downsides of CenturyLink working with a separate company for television access. You’ll still get the same great service of fast internet and unlimited telephone usage, but you’ll want to be sure to verify just how much your cost will change after that first year is over.

CenturyLink Offers? Look No Further

Now that you’ve found the bundle that works best for you, CenturyLink also offers special offers to get you all of the services you’re looking for. On their website, go to the page called “Special Offers” and scroll through to find the offers that work best for you. Perhaps you’re looking for protection from identity theft – CenturyLink has a service called CenturyLink ease that enables you to feel secure while browsing the web.

Or maybe you’d rather not sign up for DirectTV. Instead you can get access to YouTubeTV and have streaming access on up to three devices at once! This is also where you can learn about CenturyLink’s fiber connections and how to increase your internet speed to nearly 1 gb per second. CenturyLink may not offer coupons for its service, but it knows that giving its customers access to special programs can help keep them happy and coming back for more.

How To Contact Centurylink

If you’re ready to make the switch, or just want more information about what CenturyLink can do for you, you can contact them by phone. Then you can speak to a sales agent who can direct you to the best bundle for your individual needs. To reach their residential services, call CenturyLink at 866-642-0444.

If you’re getting ready to move, and you will be living in a community with CenturyLink service, give them a call in advance so that you can have a technician ready to come out to your new home and set up service as soon as you get there. There’s nothing worse than being in a new home without internet or television!

You can also connect with CenturyLink on Facebook and Twitter, where you can learn more about their offerings and corporate goings-on. It’s even popular now for customers to reach out to customer service through social media in order to get issues resolved quickly and easily.


CenturyLink might not be one of the largest or best-known internet providers, but they offer reliable and fast internet access, unlimited telephone usage, and DirectTV at competitive pricing. Whether you’re a dedicated gamer looking for lightning fast speed, or a movie fan who wants to stream all the best content with no lag, look no further than CenturyLink. By bundling their services together, you can get the best of all this telecommunications company has to offer. If you live in one of the many communities that CenturyLink serves, check out their website and social media to see which products are right for you!

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